Mark Solms not only teaches psychoanalysis; he delivers a contemporary PRACTICAL and integrated revision of the discipline, as it is practised by many, including him, today. Psychoanalysis updated by cognitive and affective neuroscience.

Watch these lectures to become an even better psychotherapist.

Drive Theory

What are the driving forces behind emotional life? Freud thought there were two drives but there are actually many more…

Structure of the Mind

What is conscious and what is unconscious? Cognitive neuroscience casts a modern light on what Freud called mental ‘topography’.

The Talking Cure

Our patients suffer mainly from feelings. It turns out that feelings provide the most reliable guide as to how we can help.

"Prof Solms introduced clarity to psychoanalysis in a way that no one has for me before. His input has deepened my understanding of psychoanalysis and greatly added to my capacity to help my patients."

- Enzo Sinisi | Psychoanalyst

Hi, I’m Mark Solms,

There are few pleasures greater than teaching psychoanalysis in ways that are both easy to grasp and filled with depth. These lectures not only introduce psychoanalysis, but they are also imbued with what I have learned through my scientific career and offer a glimpse into my own practice.

Bringing psychoanalysis to life and life to psychoanalysis is both my passion and life's work. I love teaching a discipline that is so interesting and such a pleasure and privilege to practice.

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